About us

Mercury Co is a design studio nestled between the trees in the NSW South Coast countryside, 5 minutes from the Berry township. We design and handcraft various home and lifestyle pieces to be used and loved.

Our vision is to design and create unique, timeless products that enhance their environment and are adaptable to suit you and your space. We value both form and function and believe in purposeful design that results in a product that brings enjoyment through it’s use and aesthetic.

For us, inspiration often comes from our inability to source the perfect items for our lifestyle, encouraging us to create our own. We believe in sustainable products that suit long-term use and embody style, rather than short-lived trends.

Alexander is an interior and furniture designer, as well as a cabinet-maker by trade. He has always possessed a passion and natural interest toward design, both aesthetically and functionally, and strives to design furniture and products that are beautiful, functional, and sustainable. Alexander ’s wife, Felicity, shares these passions and his enthusiasm, and this is what motivated them to develop Mercury co and share their vision through Alexander's designs. They live on the NSW South Coast with their two young sons and daughter.